How much should I feed my English bulldog puppy?

Taking an English bulldog would be a difficult science. Especially when you carry a new dog in your house. The main problem of the English bulldog is to maintain his feeding. Different sizes and ages of dog breeds having different amounts of food. But here we how much should I feed my English bulldog puppy?

How many cups should you feed your English bulldog puppy? How much should you feed your bulldog per day it’s depend upon its age and weight. Normally, A English Bulldog can eat 1 or 2 cup feed in a day.

Adult English bulldog can eat 2 times in a day and a young puppy may b feed 3 times per day.

English bulldog Feeding Chart

Here below we have shared a feed chart of bulldog according to their age and weight. Its show us an overview of how much should you feed your English bulldog puppy

Feeding Chart of English Bulldog

How many cups of feed should your English Bulldog Puppy?

We know that the above chart is not easy to understand for everyone. So we describe all instructions according to our own pattern to easily understand.

  • At 2 months need 1 third of a cup, 3 times per day
  • At 3 months need 1 third of a cup, 3 times per day
  • At 4 months need 1 third of a cup, 3 times per day
  • At 5 months need Half a cup, twice  per day
  • At 6 months need Half a cup, twice per day
  • At 7 to 12 months need Half a cup, twice per day

These recommendations are only for young English bulldog puppy. After 12 month puppy converted in to an Adult English Bulldog and their feed would be change according to above feeding chart

Vet Recommendation about English bulldog feeding

There are a good disunion to meet with vet on the English bulldog feeding. Vet should recommend you about how many should you feed your English bulldog puppy?

A Young English bulldog puppy eats less feed than an adult English bulldog. After getting older a dog increase amount of food.

The English bulldog is a specific breed that is not athletic than other dogs. They would like to set a long time then running so the need for feed is less than others.

But the need for more energy as a bully breeds and requires food to have more efficiency. They burn more energy in a small running track.

There are many feeds available in the market for English bulldog puppy with different specifications. Each Company feeds have their own Cons and Pros. Every dog has their own choice.

  • Dry food: including kibble and chipped oats, has exceptionally low dampness content, implying that they will have a higher hunger. Dry food is likewise frequently made into canine treats and canine bread rolls, which can be an extraordinary intermittent in the middle of feast tidbit to keep your canine involved or to remunerate them for good conduct.
  • Wet food: is far superior for keeping your canine hydrated, cooked at high temperatures and being fantastically new. Sadly, they have a short time span of usability when opened and can be a muddled choice for over-energetic canines.
  • Semi-Moist: has a blend of the chewiness of dry food with the hydration of wet food. Coming in sachets, they are a well-known option for the individuals who are uncertain if wet or dry food is the most ideal choice for their canine.

How much food should I feed my English Bulldog puppy?

There are quite different to feed a puppy than an adult English bulldog. By the passage of age, the habit of eating food is different in English bulldog. The English bulldog is very fond of eating food as whatever you put in front of them.

So keep eyes on them how much they should be feed. If you are not able to understand how English bulldog feeding chart work. So your vet recommends you the best amount of feed that your English bulldog needs.

Normally English bulldog eats meals 3 times a day and it contains one-third cup in a single meal. Until 6 months of their age, it’s a good routine for your puppy. The vet may be considered to increase this amount of feed.

English bulldogs puppy are muzzled and can struggle for getting some food. So when you should provide food to your dog keep in mind the food bowl or tray kept in the range of your dog. If bowl set to high is harder to get food for the dog.

Some Best food for your English bulldog

Again, we are telling you there are many varieties of foods for English bulldogs in the market. So it can be difficult to choose which one is best for your dog.

Here some best foods for English bulldogs

  • Pedigree: Available in parcels from 3.5lb to 33lb, this dry canine food offers a totally adjusted supper for your English Bulldog. It contains Omega-6 unsaturated fats for skin and coat wellbeing, just as different cancer prevention agents and nutrients. Made in the USA, it contains no fructose corn syrup, counterfeit flavors, or included sugar.
  • Ziwi: accessible in Venison, Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Mackerel, and Tripe, this generally air-dried canine food contains 96% new fixings including kelp, green garbage, and green muscles, with zero peas, vegetables or potatoes notwithstanding. 100% morally and reasonably sourced fixings from New Zealand with no additional hormones, anti-microbial, or development energizers.
Feed of  ROYAL Canin
  • Pedigree – Choice Cuts: with flavors including Chicken Casserole, Beef and Noodle, and Grilled Chicken, this wet food is a superb expansion to dry kibble for a blend of wet and dry food, made with genuine meat and served in a pocket for simple serving.
  • Natural Balance – Ultra Premium Wet Dog Food: made with genuine hamburger, this wet canine food comes in a wide range of flavors, for example, Beef, Chicken, Lamb, and Liver, all blended in with earthy colored rice, carrots, and potatoes. With zero counterfeit hues or flavors, this canine food advances sound processing and supports your canine’s general prosperity.

Can English bulldogs eat Human Foods?

Yes, of course, all dogs can eat some human foods. Sometimes you want to share some of your food with your dogs and you do it. So at that time, you should keep in mind those food having fewer fats.

Except meat there are some other foods that can eaten by English Bulldogs?

  • Vegetables: Green bean, carrot, pea, sweetcorn, cauliflower, and broccoli are safe for English bulldog to eat, with many already included in dog foods.
  • Fruits: Some fruits are also liked by English bulldogs like blueberries, goji berries, bananas, cucumbers and watermelon
  • Dairy products,
  • Fishes (meat, salmon, tuna, and shrimp)
  • and Peanut Butters.


Reading the above guidelines and feeding chart now you are able to set your dog meals.

Sometimes, while you follow these above instructions but your dog may be affected by some diseases like a diabetic. So you need to personal experiment to maintain their health.

After feeding every single meal English bulldog need to exercise for 20 minutes to digest properly.

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