How to Fatten Up a Dog : Tips For How to Fatten Up Your Dog

Every Dog owner need their dogs to be at a sound weight, however not all dogs are “acceptable eaters.” They want to know How to Fatten Up a Dog?

In the event that you have an underweight dog, it very well may be upsetting to get her to put on weight. Individuals can rush to pass judgment, regardless of whether you are giving a valiant effort to get your canine’s load back up.

Call your vet in case you’re truly attempting to get your canine to put on weight. Canines that keep getting in shape in spite of eating food, or experience an abrupt difference in hunger, need to see a clinical expert rapidly.

There are many reasons why owners should figure out how to fill out a dog, and why a pooch may experience difficulty gaining weight, including:


Illness and/or stomach issues can also cause dogs to eat less than their owners would like. If your dog skips a meal or two because of a stomach bug, you might not need to panic. But if your dog is chronically turning up food, then it might be time to visit the vet.

On the off chance that your canine is ordinarily a ravenous eater and out of nowhere isn’t keen on food, get in to the vet when you can. In the almost two years I’ve claimed my canine Barley, he’s just looked down on his morning meal once. I took him to the vet, and it turned out he had a furious contamination from a little cut on his leg. In the event that I’d disregarded it and gone to work, things may have gotten ugly.


When dogs are stressed or depressed, they may pass up on food. People can be the same way! If your dog won’t eat after a stressful event or doesn’t eat when she’s alone, this might be the culprit.

Choosy eater

Some dogs are just plain picky about what they eat – these dogs want the good stuff and are willing to hold out for it!

Whatever the cause of your dog’s dinner distress, we want to help our underweight dogs get to a healthy weight.

How Would you Know If Your Dog Is a Healthy Weight?

When attempting to decide a sound load for your canine, your veterinarian’s office is consistently a decent spot to begin. Various varieties may have a normally slimmer or stockier look, and your vet can help ensure you make suitable weight objectives for your canine.

Remember that “ordinary” probably won’t be solid for some varieties. It’s normal to see pugs, labs, and Chihuahuas that resemble little hippos — however that doesn’t mean it’s solid. This update goes the two different ways: a sound greyhound will be very boney! It’s not surprising to see a few ribs and even hip bones on a solid greyhound, while a comparable degree of boniness in most different varieties would concern.

s my puppy too skinny

All in all, you ought to have the option to see a narrowing around your canine’s abdomen. Most canine varieties ought to likewise have black out ribcage diagrams noticeable.

At long last, you may see a few contrasts in your canine’s weight dependent on movement level. At the point when my outskirt collie is at “rivalry weight” for dexterity, grouping, and can cross, he’s exceptionally lean and strong. I let him put on a touch of weight right off the bat in the winter when he’s in his “slow time of year.” He remains fit and sound, however he doesn’t need to be ultra-trim all year!

This basic realistic from Purina can assist you with choosing if your canine is finished or underweight.

Canine weight appearance

I just helped my cultivate canine, Naomi (underneath), put on some genuine weight. At the point when she initially came into my home, you could see seven ribs and her hip bones jabbed over her back!

She had no muscle tone, tired effectively, and to top it all off, would not contact her kibble for breakfast or supper. After at any rate three days of attempting to cajole her to eat, I was confounded. I felt like a disappointment of a temporary parent, and was truly stressed that Naomi may die.

gain weight while sick

Is it safe to say that i was being played by a foodie canine? Not for this situation! Naomi’s hesitance to eat was most likely situated in some truly genuine worry about her ongoing life changes matched with an annoyed stomach from exchanging nourishments.

How to Fatten Up A Dog: 5 Tips for Gain Weight

A combination of these solutions ended up being what got Naomi to a healthy weight in just a few weeks!

For Naomi, the biggest problem was stress. Before I brought her home as a foster, she’d had quite the month. Her owner left Florida, drove to Colorado, lived in his car with her for a few weeks, and then left her at the shelter when it all got to be too much.

Naomi spent a few days at the shelter before being marked for behavioral euthanasia due to her aggression towards other dogs. I stepped in and took her. With that level of upheaval, is it any wonder she wasn’t interested in food?

Dog will eat if the food is yummier

As a dog sitter, I frequently care for dogs that seem uninterested in their food. Some dogs just don’t eat well when their owners leave – they miss them! However, dogs will have a hard time turning their noses up at truly drool-worthy dinners.

If your dog won’t eat when she’s left alone, it could be related to separation anxiety. While skipping a meal or two probably won’t hurt your dog, it’s unwise to leave this separation anxiety untreated. Get help from a separation anxiety specialist to make your dog feel better.

Dog will eat if the food is yummier

Try making dog’s dinner better by drizzling tuna, yogurt, or egg over the kibble. Just be sure not to create a picky eater by spoiling your dog too much!

Other times, condiments won’t cut it and you’ll have to change the entire entree with a new brand of dog food. Some dogs will only be interested in eating higher quality dog food – and why not? They probably deserve it! Be careful, though – the most expensive, organic food could still be gross to your dog!

Something as simple as adding tuna or switching to a new brand of food can work wonders when it comes to fattening up a skin-and-bones dog.

If your dog is really struggling to pack on the pounds, don’t worry about creating a picky eater. Just feed her what she’ll eat to get her healthy. You can always wean her off of the ultra-tasty food later.

With Naomi, we tried about five different types of food with different protein sources. Nothing was working, except for treats. Eventually I realized that the problem wasn’t the taste — it was that the treats were hand-delivered.

Dog will eat when dog healthier

How to Fatten Up a Dog

If your dog has a change in eating habits that persists beyond a few days, see a vet. If the change is particularly sudden or extreme (like with my dog Barley), don’t wait. Just go in to see the vet and get a professional opinion.

Loss of appetite and weight loss are both potential signs of serious medical conditions.

Dog will eat when dog healthier

Take your dog to the vet to rule out any underlying health conditions that may be causing her lack of eating.

In Naomi’s case, her loss of appetite was paired with diarrhea and vomiting. That’s a major red flag! Naomi’s eating issues turned out to be stress-related (see below), but we still took her to the vet to be sure.

The vet prescribed us some probiotics and suggested a few foods that would be easy on Naomi’s stomach once she started eating again.

Dog will eat When Feel Hungry

This is what I kept hearing, and it’s true – your dog will eat when she’s truly hungry.

If your dog skips a meal or two or is having a hard time adjusting to a new situation, she might start eating when things settle down.

Dog will eat When Feel Hungry

Just keep offering food in different forms. She’ll eat when she’s ready – and this might take a while! Be patient and keep trying!

While this is true, that doesn’t mean just wait it out. Try to address your dog’s underlying concerns, such as physical health or stress level. This will often help bring your pup’s appetite back more quickly.

Dog will eat when dog less stressed

Some dogs will refuse to eat when they’re stressed out. Don’t think of this as being disobedient or wilful. Rather, think of this as your dog’s way of letting you know that she’s really struggling to deal with life right now.

Some of my formerly picky dog-sitting clients eat dinner now that they know me and feel safe with me when their owner is gone. It just took a bit of getting used to me. Many dogs with separation anxiety won’t eat when they’re alone. Some dogs will skip meals after the Fourth of July from fear of fireworks. New shelter and rescue dogs often skip meals due to the big changes in their lives.

Dog will eat when dog less stressed

In the case of Naomi’s eating issues, stress was the root problem. Naomi had just experienced a massive upheaval prior to us taking her home from the animal rescue – she was confused and scared. As she settled into our home, her appetite returned. This took nearly two weeks!

While refusing food due to situational stress is fairly normal in dogs, if your dog frequently stops eating due to stress, take her to a vet. She might be anxious due to a medical issue or something awry in her environment.

There are lots of ways to help reduce stress for your dog. The first step should be to remove whatever is stressing your dog out, if possible. This might mean skipping down during the annual fireworks display, or putting on a white noise generator during thunderstorms. You can leave dogs with separation anxiety with a sitter. How to Fatten Up a Dog?

In short, you have to remove the source of stress as the first step.

Depending on what specifically stresses your dog out that might be all you need to do. Otherwise, work with a trainer to create a plan for reducing stress in your dog’s life. Products like Adaptil, Thundershirts, and anti-anxiety medications can also help. For a more detailed example, check out our article on working with dogs that don’t like fireworks.

Dog will eat when you help him

Some nervous dogs need extra encouragement at mealtime! When I eventually noticed that the only food Naomi ate was the food I handed to her, I decided to try hand-feeding her dinner.

After four days of not eating and a lot of desperate phone calls with the rescue and vet, we got Naomi to eat a meal.

Dog will eat when you help him

I took a handful of kibble and offered it to her. I praised her just for showing interest. She took a tentative mouthful, and I praised her more. She spat most of it out, but I was onto something!

We kept trying this throughout the night. Eventually I coaxed her into eating a full cup of food simply by giving her lots of verbal praise for showing interest in food. I literally just told her she was a good dog when she ate. This may sound like bogus, but it ended up being the game changer for Naomi!

Go ahead and give this a try with your picky pooch. You might find that just being supportive of your dog is more helpful than drizzling bacon grease all over the kibble!

It might sound crazy, but playing games with your pup’s food is another way to get her interested in eating! Treat-based training and puzzle toys can sometimes help pique a picky pup’s interest in food. This phenomenon is known as contra freeloading, where animals actually prefer to work for their food. Give it a shot, it can’t hurt!

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