What is milk fever in dogs?

Judy Ford says that “Pregnancy is a process that invites you to surrender to the unseen force behind all life.”

So pregnancy is a much existed time in everyone’s life. When we moved toward Dog’s life than caring for a pregnant dog is also so excited. After a dog’s pregnancy, there are many things you should know about nursing moms and puppies.

Milk Fever in dogs

Here we discuss a very common and critical disease is Milk Fever in dogs. What’re their symptoms and how can we prevent our dog from it.

What is Milk Fever?

Medically milk fever is also known as Hypocalcemia. Milk fever appears after pup birth in nursing mothers. In every breeds and size of dogs, Hypocalcemia can effect. If a dog would be effected by milk fever it makes difficulties during the birth process and deals with dogs to death.

milk fever in dogs

Generally, a Milk fever attack in the first 2 or 4 weeks of lactation (birth process). Sometimes it will be seen during pregnancy or at the time of whelping and even it can occur at the age of 6 or 8 weeks after birth.

What causes of milk fever in dogs?

Milk fever always occurs due to lake of calcium ratio in the blood through milk production. Normally, the mother used calcium during whelping from her body storage.

But if they get no proper diets before and after pregnancy the number of required calcium decreases and caused milk fever in dogs.

Calcium Supplements for dogs

Some Dogs Owner gives calcium supplements during pregnancy and dogs unable to get calcium from her body storage. At the time of pregnancy in some dog’s parathyroid gland disordered and the required calcium level is down.

Signs and Symptoms of Milk fever

Initially, your dog showed small and very meaningful habits like heavy panting, Difficulty in-breath, Muscle twitching and pacing.

Dogs feeling restlessness, Drooling, and reduced appetites. If you ignore these symptoms in your dog’s so next phase of the disease can kill your dog in 30 or 60 minutes.

Symptoms of Milk Fever

Your dog starts facing seizures with Hyperthermia(high temperature) and after some days it turned into a coma.

Treatment of Milk Fever in Dogs

You know that nursing mother and puppy both included in the same disease. The first step of start treatment separates mom and puppy from each other. During treatment, we need to maintain the calcium level in blood.

Add calcium and vitamin D supplements in the dog’s diet plan to increase the calcium level in the body. According to vet recommendation used anti-seizure medicines and went to the doctor after a week to check calcium level in the body.

Puppies effected by Milk fever

If your dog body temperature is high use a cooling method to control it. Also, check the heart rate of the dog by ECG.

In most of the cases, Milk fever is recovery immediately by following the above steps and dog no need to hospitalization. And in some cases, it needs to keep your dog in the hospital if the situation is critical.

During treatment puppies removed from the nursing mother for a few days. So puppies need hand fed during these days. If puppies are under the age of 4 weeks used milk by and fed for their diet and after 4 weeks you should encourage them to eat dog foods.

How can milk fever prevent?

Milk fever can also prevent completely by calcium therapies at initial stages. If your dog paralyzes and shows all symptoms of it then your venter tells about next by seeing the condition of your dog.

Dogs at Vet

Due to removing puppy from her mother you need to use extra fed or supplements to balance calcium level in puppies. You also need a go-to vet for a checkup every week.

Good quality of food can save your dog from milk fever and come back to her normal life. Calcium supplements can also help to balanced required calcium levels in the nursing mother body

But we also not recommend you use these supplements during pregnancy because it can also lead to Milk fever.

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