Why do dogs eat horse poop? Solution of Why does My Dog eat poop?

For some of the bad habits of our dog are drinking from the toilet, eating table scraps, and most dangerous is why do dogs eat horse poop. These habits feel guilty to dog owners because the showing their greedy behaviors.

Dog eating Horse Poop

For some dog’s owner, a dog eating horse hooves is might be interesting but because of some reasons, it would be harmful to your dogs. For example first of all a dog that goes into the horse pasture to search some tasty and smelly horse manure is at risk of kicked by horses who do not like his presence! 

Dog kick by Horse

And also, many dogs experience a toxic reaction to medications given to horses that can be passed in horse poop. 

Is it common to eat horse poop in dogs?

Don’t think that your dog alone having this bad habit. Coprophagia(Wikipedia Defination) is a medical name of this habit and its very common in dogs and puppies.

Dogs Eat Horse Manure

If your dog adopt bad habit of eating horse poop so you should need to take care of him.  Mostly dogs doing this activity on vacations and eat horse hooves to get some tasty grains or molasses. Livestock animals do not digest their feeds properly and discharge half digest feed through manure.

Here we need to know how many times our dogs eating horse manure and how to keep a dog from eating horse poop. You need to train a dog not to eat horse manure and provide a reward for leaving horse poop alone.

Horse poop eat by Dogs

If dog adopts this habit from a long time you should be patient and consistent and find another way of their joy so the dog pays attention to a new and joyful activity.

Reasons Why your Dog eat Horse Manure

  • Taste of Horse Poop
  • Pack Protection
  • Investigating Behaviors
  • Enzyme Deficiency and Nutrient replacements
  • Self-Medication Themselves
  • Horse Manure is a Tasty treat
  • Hungriness of Dogs

Is eating Horse manure safe for dogs?

There is a very complicated question and the answer would be that a little bit of horse poop may not show a toxic reaction. Horse manure does not contain any harmful marital for dogs. Horse experts clearly define in their recent research about “Is horse manure toxic?”

Dog eating Horse Poo

However, there is still some risk to eat horse manure. Here we discuss some of their toxic reaction against dogs health

Ivermectin Poisoning in Dogs

Ivermectin is a chemical found in the worming medicine of animals and by horse experts’ reviews, ivermectin contains in 45 days after treatment of horse worming. If your dog eats horse poop these days and it would be toxic for their health.

Horse and Dogs Together

There is a little risky and according to “Blue Cross” that is a UK animal charity conical here what to consider

    “Small amounts of ivermectin pose a health threat to some breeds but most dogs will not be affected. Symptoms of ivermectin poisoning include dilated pupils, disorientation, lethargy, and vomiting. Dogs showing any of these signs or known to be at risk should be seen by a vet immediately.”

If you consider dogs is out of danger after eating horse manure and diarrhea then reason would be that So immediately touch with your vet.

Blue Cross also suggests some particular breeds of dog may rapidly be affected by horse poop

       “Any dog that consumes a large amount of horse poop containing the chemical could become very ill, but a percentage of dogs of certain breeds have a gene mutation which predisposes them to toxicity from ivermectin at low levels. These include collies, Shetland sheepdogs, Australian shepherds, Old English sheepdogs, long-haired whippets, merle Pomeranians, and possibly other herding breeds as well as those with white feet.”

So, How to Stop Dogs eating Horse poop?

It would impossible to avoid your dog completely from eating horse poop. But here we describe some of the important tips to keep a dog avoid from horse poop.

  • Improve the dog’s diet:  Maybe your dog eating horse poop due to lake of diets. So you need to check out their diets properly
  • Keep Animal apart: Don’t put dogs and horses in the same place free if you have both animals.
  •  Poison the Poop: Dogs owner should need to poison the poop with red paper or similar to turn off your dogs. After few days dogs know about it poisoning.


All the above recommendations are based on my personal research and opinion. Everyone wants to get a quick solution of their dog’s disease and bad habits. And here we suggest you top tips to avoid your dogs from horse poop.

Again we tell you a small amount of horse manure is not harmful for dogs but if it’s a regular habit and amount of poops in larger than it will risk of your dogs.

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